Validating email password on blackberry

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Email Address Edit Field email=new Email Address Edit Field("Email Address: ", ""); String address =Text(); int at = address.index Of("@"); int len = address.length(); String host = address.substring(at 1, len); int dot = Index Of('.'); len = host.length(); if (at After i add(email); it gives me a dialog error of invalid email as soon as the form is opened.Please suggest me a proper email validation for a textfield/emailaddresseditfield which shows validation as soon as wrong input is typed in the field. An empty string is an invalid email address, but you want to "show validation as soon as wrong input is typed" which is exactly what your code is doing.Below, you will find information about network coverage that supports email for AT&T and Verizon; for other carriers, contact your provider to determine what to look for.Regardless of what carrier you use, if your network status indicates email is not supported in your area, you must move to a location where email is supported.Using this information, you can set up a new account on your smartphone.For example, I used one of my test email accounts and was able to identify that I can set up the following services on my Black Berry 10 smartphone: After validating your server details, the next step is setting up the account on your smartphone using server details identified by EAVT.cannot send or receive email, follow the steps below in the order given to determine the problem.

As of January 1, 2013, no new BES accounts are being created.

Many companies provide a Microsoft Exchange email address to their employees.

Sprint recommends that you contact your IT department for the correct setup information.

If your network status indicates email support, but you still cannot send or receive email, continue troubleshooting. If the "G" or "EDGE" is not uppercase, this indicates that the devices are in range of an area with limited coverage.

Phone calls and texting will work, but data like web browsing and BES mail delivery will most likely not.

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