Ntp not updating system clock

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Its main attributes are: Net Time was originally written by Graham Mainwaring in 1997 with an open source release made in 1998.Graham made a number of updates to the program until he lost interest and finally abandoned the project officially on the 1st of July 2004.I’ve had the best luck with gov, but that might be because of my location.Here’s a list of a couple of time servers that you can try instead: You can find a longer list here: the Default Update Interval If your clock is constantly out of sync even though it says the sync was successful, the problem could be that your computer is losing time because of a system clock problem.

Open through the start menu search box, and then find this registry key: The default time period is 7 days calculated in seconds.If you uninstall the old version first, you will need to restart your computer before starting the new installer.Net Time is failing to sync - it reports that all servers failed: The most common cause of this error is that a firewall is blocking the Network Time Protocol (UDP Port 123) between your system and the servers that Net Time is attempting to use.You can configure clock synchronization on your appliance by adding NTP server entries to the file from either the configuration utility or the command line interface, or by manually modifying the file and then starting the NTP daemon (NTPD).The clock synchronization configuration does not change if the appliance is restarted, upgraded, or downgraded.

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I've resorted to running ntpd -q using cron every hour which works fine and I believe shows that the the basic setup is OK (firewall, ntp server list, etc).

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