Hangzhou dating site

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Hangzhou dating site

When the domestication of rice began in its homeland, China, is an enduring and important issue of debate for researchers from many different disciplines.Reliable chronological and robust identification criteria for rice domestication are keys to understanding the issue.

We then identify the rice phytoliths of Shangshan as partly domesticated based on their morphological characteristics.If you only have time for either, read on to find out which city is more suitable for you: Hangzhou, Heaven on Earth Seven centuries ago, Marco Polo announced Hangzhou as “the finest, most splendid city in the world”.Many travelers before and after him have become enamored by the city’s natural beauty, in no small part due to its fabled West Lake (Xi Hu).Dating back some 2,000 years, Hangzhou is one of the Seven Ancient Capitals in China.It is also the current capital of Zhejiang Province.

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The discovery of the Hemudu site at Yao City in Zhejiang Province in 1973 was a big event in Chinese archaeology.

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