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As the mistress of Perikles, a principal ruler of Athens in the mid-fifth century B. E., Aspasia's influence on the Athenian leader was reputedly enormous; at various times his policies and speeches were ascribed to her." Bella Vivante, Ph D "Rent from a brothel was a legitimate source of income....

Procuration also, had to be notified before the aedile [government regulators], whose special business it was to see that no Roman matron became a prostitute.... Caligula inaugurated a tax upon prostitutes (vectigal ex capturis)...

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1859 Lincoln Case Classes are suspended for a week in order for students to see one of Illinois’s best litigators, Abraham Lincoln, argue a case before the appellate court. That was the beginning of the Law School’s association with Northwestern University, which had itself been established in 1851 to serve people of the Northwestern Territory. Secretary of State and represents the World Christian Fundamentals Association in the Scopes Trial. Blodgett assumes the position part-time for one year.

At this time, Lincoln serves as counsel to the Illinois Central Railroad. Union College of Law History, Written 1889 1883 William Jennings Bryan graduates William Jennings Bryan LLB 1883, the youngest presidential candidate ever, graduates from the Law School. 1885 Henry Thomas Rainey graduates Henry Thomas Rainey LLLB 1885 graduates from the Law School and in 1933 becomes the 45th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives under President Franklin D. 1891 Integration into NU Union College formally becomes Northwestern University School of Law when Northwestern University assumes total control. 1891 Kenesaw Mountain Landis graduates Kenesaw Mountain Landis LLB 1891 graduates from the Law School and is later appointed a federal judge and eventually becomes the first commissioner of Major League Baseball.

- Sumerian Records "The Sumerian word for female prostitute, kar.kid, occurs in the earliest lists of professions dating back to ca. Obviously, prostitution, while it is a very old profession, is not the oldest." Gerda Lerner, Ph D "The Origin of Prostitution in Ancient Mesopotamia," - The Code of Assura Assyrian law distinguished prostitutes from other women by dress in the Code of Assura. Veiled harlots and maidservants shall have their garments seized and 50 blows inflicted on them and bitumen [asphalt or tar like substance] poured on their heads." Internet Ancient History Sourcebook "The Code of the Assura," 1998 - Legal Brothels in China "According to Chinese tradition, commercial brothels were started in the seventh century B. by the stateman-philosopher Kuang Chung [b.710-d.645] as a means for increasing the state's income.

On the same list we find the following female occupations: lady doctor, scribe, barber, cook.

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They were generally more cultivated than citizen women; they were trained (usually by older hetairai) to be entertaining and interesting rather than to be thrifty managers of households...

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